October 18, 2012

One Year Closer to Death

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. So instead of moping around my apartment, eating a Midnight Milky Way and checking my roots for traces of silver, I thought I’d reflect on all the things I’ve done in my 22nd year of life. Nothing jogs the memory like social media, right? So I’m going to have a look back at my last year of social networking and judge how great year 22 was by how many retweets I got (But not really. That’s pathetic.).

Facebook tells me:
  • I had an awesome internship that threw me a sweet 22nd birthday party with their whiteboard covered in “22 Things We Know About Beta.”
  • I nearly killed myself working on the NSAC Nissan account, and loved it.  
  • I got pissed at the Commons for repeatedly putting meat in my vegetarian stir-fry.
  • My roommate and I had our drinks paid for by the only French men in Springfield.
  • I saw my little sister graduate from high school, and I graduated from college.
  • I got a job with an incredible company, doing something I love.

Twitter tells me:
  • I was stoked about a $30 paycheck on my 22nd birthday.
  • I chatted with an old man on the phone, even though he had the wrong number.
  • I learned way more about Millennials and Nissans than I ever wanted to know.
  • I threw a fit (and rightly so) when Bradley Cooper was named “sexiest man alive.”
  • I became obsessed with American Horror Story.
  • I started a short-lived vlog. It was weird. 
  • I saw Incubus live for the second time. Which means I also saw Brandon Boyd half-naked for the second time.

Goodreads tells me:
  • I read (and loved) Le Petit Prince.
  • I finally gave into (and loved) The Hunger Games.
  • I read (and loved) lots of awesome books.
  • Surprise, surprise. I really like reading.

Pinterest tells me:
  • My sense of humor is usually cat-related.
  • I (laughably) think I’m going to be able to afford a loft in New York someday.
  • I have a passion for what I do.
  • If I could, I would only wear black, white, and stripes.
  • I should probably be obese.

That sums it up. 22 was the best. I’m gonna go eat a Milky Way now.

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