October 24, 2012

What Pinterest Doesn't Tell You About Crafting

You know what I wish I liked more than I do? Crafting. It's artistic, fun, rewarding, and supposedly "relaxing." It’s also the perfect way to win a Halloween decorating contest that’ll knock $100 off your rent. And with Pinterest it’s easier than ever to get excited about crafts. You know what the problem is with crafting? Your project never turns out as good as the person who posted it. Case in point:

Here’s what Pinterest doesn’t tell you about your exciting craft endeavors:

1. You're about to spend way too much money on things like paper, glue, and googly eyes.
2. You're probably going to end up burning yourself. Or losing a finger.
3. It's going to take approximately fifteen times longer than the time you'd invested in your mind.
4. You're going to be so ashamed of how it turned out that you're not even going to want to display it.
5. Your dog might eat it. And then he'll die.
6. You're going to cry halfway through, decide to keep going, and cry again when it's over.
7. No matter what you're doing, your back is going to hurt at the end of it.
8. If you do display your atrocity, everyone will be too afraid to comment on it.

Stick to macaroni art, kids. Let's save some money and pride. 

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