October 21, 2012

If You Can't Get the Drawer Open, You're Not Doing it Right

You really do learn something new every day. But sometimes I’m reminded that you only learn something new every day simply because you weren’t smart enough to learn it way earlier.

Kitchen drawers. I thought I knew how to use them. And on my 23rd birthday, I realized I didn’t. I’ve struggled to open my kitchen drawers ever since I moved into my apartment. I thought they were just really sticky. I have, in fact, broken several nails trying to pry them open. But on my 23rd birthday as I was rummaging around for scissors, my boyfriend watched me fight the drawer, and then easily opened it from underneath.

Me: What the hell? How did you just do that?

Him: I used the handle.

Me: Handle? What handle? WHAT HANDLE!?

Him: The notch underneath the drawer.

Me: [Feels around for the notch, then easily slides the drawer open.] Oh my god. Do they all do this?

Him: Uhh, yeah. Wait. How have you been opening the drawers?

Me: [Pulls, groans, and yanks at the top corners of the drawer until it jerks open]

Him: [Jaw hanging open]

Me: [Pulls open every single drawer to make sure she can do it.] OH MY GOD. THEY ALL DO THIS!

My advice: Take time to observe and learn before it comes back to embarrass you.

p.s. Can you guess from the picture below what I decided to be for Halloween? I’m so stinkin’ excited. 

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