January 24, 2013

Cars and Tongues Don't Mix

We all know that drinking and driving isn’t a good idea. And many of us have had close calls with someone who was texting/talking on their phone. But apparently there’s a new bad driving habit infecting Springfield.

People suddenly think they can simultaneously fight eastbound Battlefield traffic and suck face with their significant other. I’m not kidding. I was driving behind a guy that had his tongue in his girlfriend’s mouth for about ten minutes straight.

How is this even possible!?

He was swerving, braking quickly, and enjoying his saliva swap. Is this something people do and I just haven’t realized it until now? Can’t it wait until you’re PARKED somewhere?

I was tempted to honk, but when I realized we were both driving to the mall, I decided it best to not draw attention to myself. Lucky, because I later saw the couple eyeing some Dr. Scholl’s in JCP.

Instead, I made this face at them, hoping one of them would eventually look in the rearview mirror and realize that they were being horribly inconsiderate. It didn't work.

What’s the strangest driving habit you’ve ever seen? 


  1. I once saw a lady trying to pull out chin hairs with her bare hands while driving... (As a result, her eyes were primarily fixed on the visor mirror instead of the street in front of her)

    1. Okay. Plucking the lady beard is significantly more disturbing than making out. I can't decide which would be more dangerous though.