September 12, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Curly Hair


1.   Curly hair is awesome.
b.     Shaun White
2.     People pay lots of money and spend lots of time trying to make their hair look like yours.
a.     Perms
b.     Sock-bun
c.     Curling irons
d.     Scrunch gel
3.     You don’t have to wash your hair very often.
a.     Should I shower today? [Looks for sign of oily hair] Nope. [Sleeps another fifteen minutes]
b.     You only have to buy shampoo twice a year, so you have more money to spend on something else. Hopefully it’s something like a trip to Europe and not a straightener.
4.     Curly hair is a great indicator of the weather.
a.     You can tell when there’s a rainstorm coming.
b.     You’re always dressed appropriately.
c.     You know when to tie your hair back, lest you suffer from rainy day poodle head.


1.     It gets EVERYWHERE.
a.     We’re talking papers, drains, other people’s heads, your mouth, your eyes, and other uncomfortable places.
b.     People treat individual curly hairs look like malevolent little snakes. Seriously. Watch someone just blow a straight hair off their paper. But watch them find a curly, and they’ll pick it up precariously like it might be carrying the bird flu.
2.     Getting your hair cut is terrifying.
a.     Triangle-head
b.     Inverted triangle-head
c.     Poodle
d.     Afro
e.     Sad curls
f.      The haircut that will only look good if you straighten it
g.     Curly bangs (NO)
a.     You question Patti’s opinion, then realize that she knows everything.
b.     You spend the rest of your life worrying that you’re unattractive, but you’re ultimately too much of a feminist to ever straighten your hair for a man’s pleasure.
4.     You probably spent years 13-18 straightening your hair.
b.     You realize at age 19 that you look a gazillion times better with curly hair than you did with straight hair.   

I think it’s time we all accept our hair for what it is. Personally, I’d rather be a poodle who can predict thunderstorms than a sheepdog who trips over its own luscious locks. Who’s with me?


  1. As an eternally straight-haired girl, I'd like to announce how envious I've always been of any chicka who can rock naturally curly hair. Thanks to super-modern society and the Kardashians, I've been taught to think naturally straight hair is boring. What I wouldn't give for a the teeniest of kinks in my hair!

    1. Trust me, curly-haired girls everywhere are jealous of your locks, Molly! They'd probably be jealous of the Kardashians' hair too, if the girls were interesting enough to pay attention to for more than two seconds.

  2. I'm definitely most jealous of number 4b on the PROS list. No matter what the occasion, your hair always looks cute and styled (people are fooled into thinking you spent time on it!). While if I just let my hair to its thang, it would look limp and boring and blah. I will forever be jealous of your curlz, girl!

    1. You're the one who has hair that always looks styled and cute. Wavy hair is an entirely different beast. Sexy, exotic. The bed-head look is something I'll never be able to pull off as well as you, my dear!

  3. I like curly hair,but I have mildly wavy,straight hair.I try scrunching my hair with mousse for curls,but the curls fall out once I comb my hair.Still,I love my hair the way it is.