December 18, 2012

Best Holiday Ads of 2012

I know, I know; everyone hates ads. Except for the nerds who like them . . . or make them for a living. But, we all like holiday ads, right? Apparently I’m a bit of Grinch this year, because I could only find FOUR holiday ads from 2012 that I enjoyed. And as I’m sure you’re all aware, the internet is a big place. A big place with a total of four good holiday ads.

But put on your fuzzy socks and hold on to your hot cocoa, because I’m about to share some commercials that will warm your holiday spirit.

Alright, people. This ad has panthers, a giant Christmas tree, AND the music from Edward Scissorhands. And, honestly, it’s probably one of the most visually beautiful ads I’ve ever seen. Watch Cartier: "Winter Tale."

FedEx had a great series of short and cheeky holiday ads this year. And they’re all about last-minute gifting. Love ‘em. This one’s called “Camp Out.”

This one’s “Last Minute."

And, of course, “Santa.”

And if you’ve stuck with me to this point (you’re a nerd too), we’ll top it off with a few of my all-time favorites.

Hershey’s “Christmas Kisses.” Can you imagine how challenging it would be to actually play miniature hand bells?

It’s crappy quality, but it’s a classic. Gap’s “Mountains.” Anybody could dance to that music.

I love an overused insight with a twist in the execution. Target’s “Running Santa.”

Oh, the nostalgia. M&Ms “Christmas Faint.”

I saved the cutest for last. Coke’s “Penguins and Polar Bears.” Don’t Penguins make the most adorable noises when they’re sharing Coca Cola?

Maybe the great holiday ads of the year are yet to come. Does anyone have any favorites so far?

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  1. Kudos to the Fedex! I have to occasionally give them some lovin' since I work there.