November 7, 2012

What's in a Name?

Do you like your name? Does it fit you? My friends and I used to play a game where we’d come up with alternate names for each other. Jamie looked like a Karen, and so forth. I’ve known people who say they never get along with people named Kyle. And people who’ve said all their friends named Anne ended up teachers. It’s a strange thing to consider.

The other day, I went to the bank for a roll of quarters. It usually takes about two minutes—I’m in, hand over my debit card, receive laundry money, and head out the door. But for some reason, the teller at the bank took a special interest in my name.

Her: Cecily*. I like that name!

Me: Thanks, money lady!

Her: Like Cicely Tyson, the famous actress.

Me: Uh huh, uh huh.

Her: You know, that sounds like a pie to me.

Me: [Blank stare] What . . . sounds like a pie?

Her: Your name! You could own a pie shop with that name! Cecily’s pies.

Me: Oh, yeah. Heh. I like pie.

Her: And you could sell all kinds of pies. Chocolate pies, strawberry pies, pecan pies. All kinds.

Me: What about Key Lime?

Her: No, not Key Lime. You should open a pie shop though.

Me: Yeah. I think I will. [I definitely won’t.]

Her: Promise me.

Me: What?

Her: Promise me you’ll open a pie shop and call it “Cecily’s Pies.”

Me: Can I have my quarters?



*She actually mispronounced my name for the entire conversation. Called me “Sicily.”

Apparently, the name "Cecily" screams "pie shop." What do you think your name says about you?


  1. Do you remember when I told you that my mom thought you were from the South before we ever met? I just had the list of my suitemates' names and she said you must be from the South with a name like Cecily. Maybe that fits with the pie thing? Southern, Americana, etc.

    My question (for obvious reasons): What does it say about you if you change your name midway through life? I don't know, but I'd like someone to tell me.

    1. I'd forgotten about that! It does sort of fit with the pie shop, doesn't it? Cecily's good ol' down-home pies.

      If you change your name midway through life, it says you know who are. That's what I think.

  2. Haha! That fact she made you promise is slightly scary but rather funny at the same time. For the record, when I see Cecily, I do not want to say Sicily.

    1. I hope my parents didn't just misspell "Sicily" on my birth certificate.

  3. A name can say a lot about you (or your parents, in some cases -- sometimes you have to wonder what they were thinking -- for instance Dweezil & Moon Unit... but who knows, maybe they fit their names too). Anyway, when I first met you I immediately thought your name fit you -- beautiful, fun, spirited, creative.... I think your parents knew what they were doing when they named you.

    I think I fit my name, although, like you, I get all kinds of strange twists...Marilyn, Margaret, Martha, Madeleine, Nadine (and the list goes on and on). I realize it is spelled differently, but come on people -- how hard is it to pronounce MARLINE??

    1. Marline, you're too sweet. I'm 90% certain my dad named my sister after a car. haha

      I love that your name is so much like your mom's. Always connected.

      And I really like "Nadine." I think I'll start calling you that. :)