February 4, 2013

Is it a boy, girl, or iPhone?

I have pretty exciting news. Last weekend, I got my very first iPhone! And not only is this my first iPhone—it’s the third phone I’ve ever owned, it’s my first touch-screen phone, and it’s also my first “smartphone.” Technically, my Blackberry was a smartphone, but . . . I didn’t have a data plan. And a smartphone without email or internet access is just a dumbphone.

It’s strange—people congratulate you when you get an iPhone. It’s how you know everyone was talking about your Blackberry behind your back. Suddenly, you grab your iPhone to check the weather and it’s like you just gave birth.

Friend: Whoa! When did you get that!? It’s so beautiful! Can I hold it?
You: Uhh, sure.
Friend: You’re going to be a great mother.
You: What?

The guy at the phone store made fun of my five-year-old Blackberry. Poor girl. She may not have been the chicest thing around, but we had some good times.

I wrote an entire short film about my Blackberry a few months after I first got it. And then I shared it with my entire twelfth grade English class. Has my iPhone ever taken an embarrassing photo of my sister? Not yet. Has its distorted ringtone humiliated me in the middle of Barnes & Noble? Nope. Has it (very conveniently) shut itself off in the middle of a conversation with someone I didn’t want to be talking to? It certainly has not!

Of course, I’m ecstatic about my new phone, but I’ll miss my janky little BBerry. What kind of phone do you have? Do you ever reminisce about memories of your old phones?

p.s. I'm pretty excited about Instagram. You can follow me @karinosa3.

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